Lonavala Valvan bungalow with 3BHK and Private Pool on rent

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Bungalows for rent – Lonavala bungalows for rent Lonavala Valvan 3bhk Ac Full Furnish private pool bungalow

Saturday 15000 Other days 7000
For 10 people 500/- extra per person Max 15

▪︎ Main Lonavala City Bungalow
▪︎ 3 Ac Rooms
▪︎ Private Swiming Pool
▪︎ Caretaker
▪︎ Speakers
▪︎ Parking
▪︎ Fridge, Tv
▪︎ Inverter
▪︎ The gas stove used for cooking 700/-
▪︎ Food Catering 800/-per person
▪︎ Lunch/tea snack/dinner/breakfast
Lonavala Valvan 3bhk Ac Full Furnish Private Pool Bungalow – Lonavala bungalows on rent.

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