Bungalow in lonavala with swimming pool & 4 BHK

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Lonavala luxury bungalow with a pool & 4 BHK

Looking for a bungalow with a swimming pool? Here’s a perfect Lonavala luxury bungalow with a pool & 4 BHK.

Is renting a bungalow with a swimming pool a good idea?

In many ways, having a pool is like having a tennis court, barbecue area, gym, home cinema, helipad – an additional rose garden in the bedroom or a rooftop terrace. If you are looking for this specific feature, we may be glad to introduce this to you.

You’ll experience that perfect feeling of cold water on your toes or the sound of a happy family passing an afternoon in a garden or on a balcony. For some, life isn’t the same without a swimming pool.

Weekend 23000 & Weekdays 13000
For 15 people

▪︎ Bungalow in the Main city
▪︎ Private Swimming pool
▪︎ Music system
▪︎ 4 Ac bedrooms
▪︎ Tv
▪︎ Kitchen facilities
▪︎ Gas Stove free to use
▪︎ Fridge
▪︎ Caretaker
▪︎ Parking
▪︎ Food Catering Order 800/-
lunch/tea snack/dinner/breakfast

Ac Luxury Private Swimming pool Near Lagoona Resort Lonavala Tungarli 4bhk.

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